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Public Relations, Editor, Brochures, Websites, SEO, Social Media, Content writer, Leader

Marketing with Data-Driven Thinking

My name is Diana Salerno. I've built my reputation on providing mid-sized local businesses and nonprofits with customized marketing solutions based on research and analysis of competitive and internal intelligence. An entrepreneur, marketing consultant, independent contractor and keynote speaker, I founded WinMark in 1997 to help companies grow with data-driven marketing to ensure their limited funds are wisely invested in strategic, focused marketing to produce more successful revenue outcomes. 

Team builder, Independent Contractor, Mid-size firms, non-profit, Growth marketer, Video producer

Team Building

As a marketing entrepreneur, I gather the creative talent (freelancers) needed to complete websites, ads, brochures, exhibits, etc. based on clients’ needs and budget. My updated art education includes basic publisher, photographer and video editor training. My dual-brain thinking combines researched and analyzed marketing plans with strong ability to communicate with creative minds. Together we develop award-winning and, more importantly, revenue-generating marketing content. 

Professional Experience

  • Practiced professional leader in marketing, communications and public relations
  • Adept at developing, managing and analyzing results for integrated marketing campaigns
  • Working knowledge of web site development, web content oversight, SEO and web analytics
  • Writing expertise in promotional material, public relations and content development
  • Knowledgeable editor for marketing material, outbound communications and public relations
  • Extensive non-profit experience with roles in marketing, public affairs, events and sponsorships
  • Proficient in building consensus across multiple business disciplines, including C-suite stakeholders
  • Experienced leader and mentor for marketing and communications teams

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Are you a small to mid-size company or non-profit with a commitment to growth? WinMark can help you attain your growth goals with budget-appropriate, data-driven marketing on a contract basis. Your organization can avoid the cost of a full-time employee while gaining a skilled marketer’s expertise. Call or email for a free initial consultation to evaluate your needs and determine if working with WinMark is a good fit for you.  


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